The Definitive Guide to Kord Machine Guns: 3 Must-Know Facts

Have you ever wondered what makes a military-grade machine gun so effective? Are you curious about the specifications of high-powered machine guns, and what a current war weapon looks like? Well, look no further than the Kord machine gun.

Even the most celebrated gun enthusiasts may be shocked to know that owning a fully automatic machine gun is completely legal in 37 states, and with the right patience and paperwork, you will be able to buy your very own machine gun. 

Owning a machine gun in this age is tricky, though, because individual civilians will have to buy a machine gun model that is over 30 years old, and picking a reliable model can be tricky. Most machine guns that are circulated globally cannot be held in the hands of civilians, because permission to own a fully-automatic machine gun has been nullified for certain personnel. 

Unfortunately for the curious civilians reading this article, the insanely powerful Kord machine gun was designed in the 1990’s so you will not be able to get your hands on one if you are not military personnel or a special police force member.

The Reagan Presidential administration outlawed civilian ownership of machine guns and restricted their manufacturing and usage to only top police and military factions unless the gun was manufactured before 1986.

Before we start looking into the specific features of a Kord Machine Gun, let us discuss what you will likely find on a military-grade, highly optimized machine gun.  

There are many reasons why Kord machine guns have stood the test of time and offer one of the best designs for tactical missions. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of owning a Kord machine gun. 

Qualities of a High-Powered Military Machine Gun

When looking to buy premium quality machine gun titles such as the Kord machine gun, you are going to want to understand a few key capabilities that military personnel will want to look for when looking for a tactical machine gun. 

There are many features that come standard with a machine gun, but this is not your out-dated Tommy gun drum style gun. This is a gas-operated belt-ammo-fed system that will ensure the highest quality rate of fire and range. 

Before we go into detail about the specifications of a Kord machine gun, let us look at some of the key features that you will want to look for in a military-grade machine gun. 

Features to Look for in a Machine Gun Model

Now that you have educated yourself about what it will take to own a machine gun, consider some of the important features of a machine gun that is used for special military missions and battles. 

We can assure you that the Kord machine gun is one of the most reliable war forces available because of its incredible specifications, but before we delve into that, let us look at some key features of most military-grade machine guns: 

  • Firepower – Machine guns can fire anywhere from 500-1000 rounds per minute, so you are going to want to consider your preferred fire rate. Buying a top-notch brand such as the Kord machine gun will ensure that your fire rate is on the higher end value. 
  • Recoil – When you are firing multiple rounds at a time, you will want a system that is designed for the least amount of recoil as possible to increase your grouping and accuracy. 
  • Materials and design – For most weapons, you will want to balance weight with durability when considering buying a weapon made from steel, aluminum, carbon alloy, or a mix between said materials. You will want a sturdy design for a machine gun, as most are made from steel.
  • Stabilizing attachments – To improve your accuracy and stability, you will want to look for a machine gun that is able to attach a tripod or bipod mount for tactical strength against the recoil of the gun.
  • Weight – Even what would be classified as a “light” machine gun can weigh upwards of 20 pounds, including all of the ammunition and other special gear that it may require. Expect a heavy machine gun to be a lot heavier, even upwards of 50 pounds, which is why they are often used as a vehicle torrent or mount when the specifications allow for that.
  • Belt-fed ammunition – You can modify an automatic rifle to accept a belt, but most assault rifles do not have that capability and are specifically designed to work with a magazine. Some military-grade machine guns will work with a magazine clip if you are in a pinch, but mostly you will be working with belt-fed machine guns.

This is what you can expect from a design that meets the standard design needs for a machine gun that is designed for high-stake missions. 

This is what you can expect and more with the impeccable Kord design, and now we will get into what makes the Kord machine gun such a unique and incredible design. We can assure you that you will like the accessibility and portability of this unique design, and you will wish that you had one to try out on the range yourself. 

If you are looking for information about one of the top-of-the-line models that are used on special infantry and tactical missions, you are in the right place. 

The Kord Machine Gun

Now is the moment that you all have been waiting for, the moment that we unveil the specifications and capabilities that have serviced many tactical missions around the globe on the Kord.

In fact, the Kord machine gun was developed from a 1970s era NSV series ancestor, which was a high-quality military machine gun.  

Even the savviest and determined gun owners may have to turn their backs on owning a machine gun because of the extensive work that is involved in the process of obtaining it. Owning a tactical weapon such as the military-grade Kord machine gun is an unattainable option for civilians. 

We can assure you, though, the first time you test the power of a Kord machine gun, you will not want to go back to the world you knew before. 

Go the Distance with Kord

One of the premium quality features of the Kord machine gun design is the range at which it can fire. This is one of the longest-range machine guns on the market.

Many machine guns will fire at a consistent range of about a mile, but the Kord machine gun can fire consistently at a range of 2000 meters, which is 400 meters over the average mile marker. 

This gun is proven to hit groupings of targets at ranges up to 2000 meters, and with great accuracy when you use the mechanical iron sites. The sight radius is one meter, and there are many optics that are attachable and available to use. Fire at high capacity and with a fast rate of fire with the Kord machine gun. 

This model is distinctive for finding the perfect balance of a high rate of fire that also has such a low recoil that the range of the bullets will not sacrifice accuracy or firepower. Reload effectively with the quick-change design barrel and large multi-slotted muzzle brake, and ensure that you will be able to continue firing at an alarming rate with ease. 

Adaptability and Accessibility Matters

You can be sure that Kord did their homework when making this all-inclusive design because the Kord machine gun is one of the most adaptable options out there.

This model has seen some significant changes that have improved its capabilities since it’s conception in 1990s Russia. One of the key changes is the rotating bolt that was added to improve the accuracy and long-range of the new design. 

The heavy military-grade Kord machine gun can be used by infantry, or it can be used as a vehicle-mounted weapon in a torrent, or a mount. Most military personnel use this weapon as a vehicle mount, but it is also effective on the field which gives you the most options. 

There is another feature of the Kord machine gun that makes it one of the most distinctive gun models on the market, and that is the adaptability of the tripod or bipod extensions of the gun. 

Most machine guns only have one tripod or bipod capability, but the Kord machine gun can do both, which gives its owners complete control over the balance and accuracy of their weapon. 

Ammunition and Firepower

When you check out the specifications for the ammunition and firepower of the Kord machine gun model, you will start to understand why this is one of the best of the Russian-made military weapons on the market. 

The Kord machine gun fires the 12.7x108mm round with 50 round belts. The cyclic rate of fire is one of the hardest specifications to beat, as it’s rate of fire is 650 to 750 rpm. 

You can be sure that Kord knocked it out of the park with this one because that is quite an impressive rate of fire for the accuracy and long-range capabilities offered in the same weapon design. 

The Kord machine gun also features a huge amount of ammunition types with the 12.7mm caliber which means that you will be able to shoot low speed and altitude aerial targets and destroy enemy armor of even the most protected and secure types. 

What you have to understand with the Kord machine gun is that it is classified as a heavy machine gun, but it really acts like a fully automatic sniper rifle. This gun will protect you from long-range enemies, and help you effectively engage an enemy from the farthest ranges possible. 

Belt-Fed Ammunition

As we said earlier, most machine guns are not properly optimized with a magazine, so most machine guns that you will handle are belt-fed. 

The ammunition belt can be up to 50 rounds for infantry use, and 150 rounds if you are to use it as a vehicle-mounted weapon. Whatever your needs, the easy to reload design will make sure that you do not spend excessive time changing over the belts. 

When working with a Kord machine gun, you can be sure that you are handling a weapon that has a highly optimized belt-fed ammunition system. 

With a fire rate of up to 750 rpm, you will be sure to be grabbing for a new belt over and over again when the time comes to use them.

You will also be sure to reload quickly with its multi-slotted muzzle brake and quick-change barrel design. As you can tell, we are pretty impressed with the ammunition specifications of the Kord machine-airgun models. 

Sturdy Design with Limited Weight

The Kord machine gun is gas operated and air-cooled, to ensure a fast and reliable shot, even with the harshest of conditions.

Kord boasts of its heavy-duty design that is capable of delivering high-quality gunpowder come rain, shine, sleet, or snow, and we completely agree. 

There are two patterns that are available for the muzzle brake: early cylindrical, and a “flat” flash hider brake. A flat or flash hider brake can be used to eliminate the powder signature residue that you will find with an unbraked or even lightly suppressed machine gun. This will mean that your location will be disguised from the enemy even from closer distances. 

The customizability of the Kord machine gun is unprecedented, and even the most knowledgeable infantry units are impressed with its compatibility options. With a design that has been fortified and adapted over the years, you can be sure that they have significantly reduced the weight of newer models as compared to the older ones. 

With an overall weight of 55 pounds, you can expect to get a lot out of your load. Kord is not one of the most lightweight heavy machine guns, but with the innovative design and stellar firepower, you are not going to want to miss out on claiming one of these for any daring mission.

You can customize the belt feed direction from left to right as needed if you are ever in a position in which you need to use the torrent in a tight space. 

The cases are designed to dislodge in a forward action so as to not disturb the shooter. The gun length is under 2 meters long with a shoulder stock and is considered medium weight as compared to other machine gun options.

The weight of the design has significantly lowered since the first models, so you can be sure to get the most bang for your buck if you decide to use the Kord machine gun for your infantry. 

Improved Design and Credibility

The Kord machine gun was originally produced for the Soviet military in the ‘90s and has since seen its victory in many tactical missions. This military-grade high powered machine gun has seen its fair share of war glory, and there are many reasons why. 

Models of the Kord machine gun have been employed by Russian forces in the Second Chechen War, and later used in the Russo-Georgian war in 2008. It has since been used for the Syrian Civil War and the War in Donbas. 

The weapon was extensively modified by The Russian Degtyarev bureau, and we have seen some serious improvements in the design’s weight, ammunition and reload capabilities and the general modifications of the high-quality performance weapon. Many new versions entered service in 2019 including versions 6P57, 6P58, 6P59. 

The firing mechanism is now much more durable, and the increased rate of fire has little to no effect on the stable recoil system specifically designed by Russian engineers and gun specialists. 

This means that the lightweight and effective model is great for any tactical mission because of its versatility and movement capabilities. The fact that it can be used with a tripod and bipod mount is also very appealing and may be very useful in a tight battle scene. 

Keep Looking to Kord for an Increasingly Effective Design

Kord has definitely made its name out on the battlefield, and their designs just keep getting better and better. Every new gun model has increased capabilities from the model before, and we cannot wait to see what else is up Kord’s sleeves when designing new models in the future. 

Whether you are military personnel, a high-ranking security police officer, or even a regular citizen, it may help you to know what kind of features are out there for leading machine gun types. There are many capabilities that define a machine gun, and Kord possesses all of them.

Now that you are educated on the specifications of the incredible Kord machine gun options, you are more informed in the world of military tactics and machine gun designs that are capable of annihilating enemy forces. 

With the premium weight and design of the one-of-a-kind monster known as the Kord machine gun, you can be sure to tackle and high-stakes mission or operation. 

You simply cannot find another option that has similar capabilities or features, and you will not be disappointed when you take this one of a kind military-grade tactical machine gun out to the range.