The 6 Best 300 Blackout Suppressors

Many enthusiastic gun owners would not be surprised to find out that the repeated blast from a weapon can cause long-term hearing damage. If you have a 300 AAC Blackout weapon, this is where a 300 blackout suppressor comes into play. It reduces the amount of noise (dB) to a fraction of what it would otherwise be, plus it looks incredibly cool to boot.

If you have a firearm that shoots 300 blackout rounds, also known as 300BLK, then it may be frustrating to find the right 300 blackout suppressor that will suit your needs when there is a sea of options available. A good suppressor will be able to decrease the number of decibels (dB) your gun blast creates and make your gun safer in regards to your ear protection

300 blackout suppressors are necessary for an AR15 or similar style rifle in order to protect the ears of the shooter and everyone else on the range. 

When certain military factions needed a better performance from the 5.56×45mm NATO, Remington Defense and AAC developed the 300 BLK to up the ante, and this round type does not disappoint. Many missions still use this kind of round in their full-auto weapons, often with a suppressor or flash hider attached to it. 

A Little Background – Where Did 300 BLK Suppressor Come From?

The power of our rifles seems to get better and better with each innovation, but where exactly did the need to suppress the high power 300 blackout ammunition start?

The AAC developed the 300 blackout cartridge with Remington Defense in response to military systems that needed a little more power than the former-most-well-used option, the 5.56×45mm NATO. They were also looking to replace the midrange performance or the standard 9mm, a pistol round commonly used in SMGs. 

This innovative design worked well to negate many of the issues commonly found with large-caliber cartridges used in the M4. Other companies tried to combat these issues, such as Colt Firearms which made chambered AR-pattern rifles and carbines in many versions of .30 caliber rounds, but this model experienced similar drawbacks. 

If you have a large case head diameter, you may have needed to attach easily defective modified bolts in the days of the past. With the new rounds, you were able to get the power needed without the defects. One problem though, the sound of each round was deafening. 

Thankfully, with modern innovations and multiple teams dedicated to bringing you 300 blackout suppressor designs, you can combat the harmful dB blast that will potentially cause long-term harm to your ears.

Many of the designs featured in our lineup have been since battle-tested and improved upon to bring you only the best options for successfully muting the harmful sound of your firearm blast. 

Whatever the circumstance may be, you will want to invest in a 300 blackout suppressor to ensure the best performance from your rifle while also protecting the longevity of your ear health. Do yourself a favor and check out our top picks for 300 blackout suppressors on the market this year. 

The Line-Up of Our Top 6 300 Blackout Suppressors

In this comprehensive guide, we will unveil the best suppressors on the market for any rifle that can support a 300 BLK round. Here is a list of our top picks and what makes each one distinctive.

    • Greatest Value for Price
    • Lightweight
    • Full-Auto Rated
  2. AAC Cyclone 7.62mm Direct Thread Suppressor M18x1
    • Best Budget Option
    • Made with Innovative Aerospace Alloy
    • EDM Technology
  3. AAC 300-TM
    • Runner up for Price Value
    • Titanium Build
    • Battle-Tested
  4. Brownells – BRN-180S™ AR-15 300 BLK Suppressor
    • Best Midrange Option
    • Inspired by legendary Armalite® AR-180 of the 1960s
    • T6 aluminum receiver & Innovative Anodized Finish
  5. Operators Suppressor Systems – Helix IFM7 Suppressor 
    • Best High Price/Value Option
    • Sturdy Build with 3 Different Metals
    • Easy Mount and Disassembly for Cleaning
  6. SilencerCo’s Omega 300
    • Runner up High Price/Value Option
    • Most Versatile
    • Incredibly Short and Lightweight

As you can see, there are many different options, and your price range, equipment, and shooting preferences will all come into play when deciding which on the list is the best option for you.

If you are curious to learn more about what makes each of these suppressors appealing to gun owners looking for a 300 blackout suppressor, then keep reading below. Next, we will go further into detail about each one of our top picks so that you will be the most informed about which 300 blackout suppressor will suit your individual needs. 


We are going to show you one of the best 300 blackout suppressor options right off the bat, and you will not be disappointed in the performance of Gemtech’s GMT- 300BLK. 

This unique design is one of the best user-serviceable designs on the list, and with a piece like this, you will be sure to impress all your gun-buddies on the range when you test out the power on this thing. This innovative titanium-built design features Gemtech’s G-Core baffle setup, which will be able to reduce the amount of noise from your firearm blast up to 28 dB. 

The combination of sound reduction, weight distribution, and length comes together to create a design that is powerful, but also lightweight. In fact, this model weighs in at a mere 14 ounces, so you will not have to worry about this 300 blackout suppressor weighing down your weapon and negatively affecting your shooting performance. 

This option is the best overall value on our list. The moment you use this bad boy with a 300 blackout round, you will not want to go back to the life you knew before. 


  • Sound Reduction Performance – 28-30 dB
  • Weight – 14 oz
  • Length – 6.7 Inches
  • Build – Titanium

AAC Cyclone 7.62mm Direct Thread Suppressor M18x1

If you are new to owning suppressors, or already have your own extensive collection but need a low-price 300 blackout suppressor, then you may want to look at Advanced Armament Corp’s (AAC) Cyclone. 

This unique design is constructed from steel by Aerospace Alloy, a company that specializes in making high-quality durable metals for machine built 300 blackout suppressors such as the Cyclone. 

While this model is very inexpensive and has an impressive performance, up to 33 dB, you may not want this model making your equipment heavy and hard to accurately aim. This model weighs in at a shocking 22.4 dB, but with a performance quality like that, you may want to bite the bullet and take the chance on this heavy equipment. 


  • Sound Reduction Performance – 30-33 dB
  • Weight – 22.4 oz
  • Length – 9.5 Inches
  • Build – Inconel 718 And 316L SS

AAC 300-TM

It may be important to note at this time that this is the second incredible design that we have seen from Advanced Armament Corp, and you will not be disappointed with this model that slightly raises the bar from the Cyclone model.

The AAC 300-TM is surprisingly less heavy than the Cyclone model, as it weighs in at a minimal 25 ounces. While the barrel length (9.3 inches) is still somewhat cumbersome, the titanium build will make your firearm accessory lighter than other models. 

Titanium will increase the longevity of the weapon accessory as it is a rugged durable metal make. This direct threaded model (5/8×24 or M18x1) is not only easy to assemble and attach, but it can be easily cleaned. The high temp Cerakote finish will surely perform with even the hottest temperatures. 

This is one of the best price/value options on our list for 300 blackout suppressors. 


  • Sound Reduction Performance – 28-33 dB
  • Weight – 15 oz
  • Length – 9.3 Inches
  • Build – Titanium

AAC 762-SDN-6

Our next model is perhaps the most recommended mid-range 300 blackout suppressor available on the market, so you cannot go wrong with the AAC 762-SDN-6. 

This versatile design will work impressively well with any 300 AAC blackout round, but it also has been specifically designed to process 7.62x51mm (.308Win) ammunition. This will be especially useful when you must find a suppressor that is capable of heavy-duty ammunition. 

This product is made with stainless steel, a powerful and rugged material that will be able to withstand the test of time. This powerful make will surely protect the shooter’s ear health. In fact, the AAC 763-SDN-6 will be able to eliminate 98.9% of the sound coming from the end of your muzzle. 

This design measures up to just under 8 inches, so the weight will not be an issue for most experienced shooters. This 300 blackout suppressor weighs less than 20 ounces, so it will be a great addition to your collection for long camp days or secure personal protection with a fast attachment system. 

Any experienced gun owner will want to test this thing out, and for the price, this may be a must-have gun accessory equipment. 


  • Sound Reduction Performance – 39 dB
  • Weight – 19.85 oz
  • Length – 7.66 Inches
  • Build – 316L Stainless Steel and Inconel 718

SilencerCo’s Omega 300

We have shown you the best mid-range and low-budget options for 300 blackout suppressors, but perhaps you are an avid gun-enthusiast looking to add premium firearm accessories to your already overflowing collection.

Maybe you want to buy a premium quality suppressor for your 300 BLK rounds to bring to the range and impress your gun-buddies. Maybe you are buying a suppressor for the first time and just want things done right. 

SilencerCo has been in the gun accessory market since 2008, and we are sure they will impress you with their comprehensive 300 blackout suppressor, the Omega 300.

This design features the lightest, shortest, and quietest full-auto rated 300 cal rifle silencer that you will be able to find on the current market. This versatile weapon accessory is made for many different specifications and calibers and is the best-selling rifle silencer in history.

Just in case you think you heard that right, you did. This revolutionary design is used by many gun fanatics across the United States and is one of the most impressive 300 blackout suppressors that we could find. 

Do yourself a favor and save up to buy the Omega 300. With power like this, you will not regret it. 


  • Sound Reduction Performance – 119-133.9 dB
  • Weight – 14 oz
  • Length – 7.09 Inches
  • Build – Titanium, Cobalt 6, & Stainless Steel

Operators Suppressor Systems – Helix IFM7 Suppressor

Now that you have learned some of the best 300 blackout suppressors on the market, you may want to explore another high-range price option that can further your gun’s performance with higher-quality material and more innovative designs. 

Our next mid-range 300 blackout suppressor option to consider buying is the Helix IFM7. This impressive and new design features an integrative flush system that regulates back pressure and reduces the sound and flash signature of your rifle. 

Included with this design is a separate mounting device, the STS-Muzzle Brake, which may be useful in certain hunting situations at dusk or daybreak.  

With a heavy, rugged, and powerful design like this, you will want to take your rifle out to the shooting range every chance that you get. 


  • Sound Reduction Performance – 135 dB
  • Weight – 24.9 oz
  • Length – 8.75 Inches
  • Build – Titanium, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, and Cobalt

As you can see, there are many 300 blackout suppressor options available, and each design has its own fingerprint. 

You may be fascinated by one model’s performance but have to pass it up to buy a higher-end model that will not weigh your gun down and negatively affect your weapon’s accuracy. You may prefer a titanium or aluminum build, as those materials are lightweight and incredibly strong.

Whatever model you choose, you can do so with the comfort of knowing that you have done your research and found the model that best suits your needs and enhances the performance of your firearm. 

Are Silencers Even Legal?

Many people are confused as to how they may attain a 300 blackout suppressor as a civilian multi-caliber rifle shooter. Is it even legal to buy a suppressor for an AR15 that uses 300 BLK rounds?

The short answer: yes. The long answer: well, it depends. Owning a suppressor that follows the rules and regulations of the National Firearms Act (NFA) is currently legal in 42 states. 

If you do not live in one of these states in which it is legal to buy a 300 blackout suppressor, you may want to move to another location before you apply. You must apply for a suppressor with Form 1 with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF). You’ll also have to apply for the $200 tax stamp for the NFA item.

We also highly recommend that you create a NFA gun trust for your silencers and other NFA items. The benefits are many, but it is important to note that this will specifically help you with legal security on these items. You can set one up quickly on Gun Trust NFA.  

Filing any paperwork wrong or trying to fill out a form without having the required specifications, may result in a longer delay in receiving your equipment. In order to be able to legally buy a suppressor, you have to be able to legally own a firearm, reside in one of the states in which it is legal, and be at least 21 years of age to buy from a dealer. 

There may be other specifications or requirements that are specific to your district or local government, so be sure to do your research and find the best way to legally buy the 300 blackout suppressor you are searching for.

Some of the states that do not allow the ownership, possession, or manufacture of suppressors are California, New York, Hawaii, New Jersey, and Rhode Island. Do your homework to find out if buying a 300 blackout suppressor is legal in your state, and fill out the proper forms to be able to get your hands on the suppressor you need as soon as possible. 


Now that you have learned the best market options for 300 blackout suppressors, you can make an informed decision on the make and model that works best with your current equipment. 

Even if you are not ready to buy a gun accessory in our current market, it may benefit you to know the industry standards on suppressor designs that are capable of handling powerful blackout cartridges. 

Protect the ear health of yourself and everyone around you and invest in one of the 300 blackout suppressor designs that we have shown you. When you take that bad boy out to the range and test out the suppression power you never knew could exist, you will know that you have just made an investment that can last a lifetime.

With proper care and consideration, each of the models on our list will be able to stand the test of time and deliver you peak performance for any weapon that may use 300 blackout rounds. 

Do yourself a favor and save up a little money for one of the high-end options because that will give you the best performance from your rifle for years to come. It is time that you invested in your long-term health, so check out the suppressors on our list and find the one that best suits your needs. 

Every American has the right to bear arms for their personal protection or hunting needs. Make sure that your firearm has the best optimal performance for any situation and invest in a 300 blackout suppressor on our list. Once you feel the rush of squeezing the trigger without having to withstand a miserable and harmful blast sound to your ears, you will thank yourself for investing in a game-changing gun accessory that will benefit you through your entire life.