The Top 5 Silencers: The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide for Gun Suppressors

Any gun specialist will know the benefits of having a silencer attachment for your most prized and frequently used guns, and it is about time you learned what you have been missing out on.

If you do not have a suppressor for your guns, especially if you use them regularly, you may want to investigate the benefits of becoming the owner of an NFA approved gun suppressor. 

Many hunters do not know the benefits of shooting with a silencer for your rifle until they are staring down the muzzle of a two deer split. You can discreetly claim your tag and not spook the next-door neighborhood of gamely animals that are waiting to lurk in your hunting area. 

Suppressors also come to the rescue when you are in a disturbing situation, a situation in which you may have to defend yourself in your own home. If you do have to defend yourself, you want to make sure that you do so while protecting you and your loved one’s ears. 

Having a silencer for your weapon will also make sure to take care of the situation discreetly, as to not traumatize the whole neighborhood in the time of distress. 

Benefits of Owning a Certified NFA Suppressor

If you are an avid hunter, you should be aware that it is advised to use ear protection when firing your rifle or shotgun. Use a tactical silencer to optimize your hearing protection against ear damage when firing your weapon. 

All of your guns should be certified and legally bought, and all gun and gun accessories owned should be protected by the National Firearms Act (NFA).

Michael Stewart, Professor of Audiology and American Speech-Language-Hearing Association member, tells us the danger of audio loss after exposure to firing weapons. 

“People who use firearms are more likely to develop hearing loss than those who do not. Firearm users tend to have high-frequency permanent hearing loss…” he claims. 

When you get older and are telling your grandkids about your war stories against the most ferocious of game, you are going to want your hearing for when they ask questions. Kids are inquisitive these days. 

Having a multi-caliber suppressor is very useful for a multitude of weapons, even your pistol or revolver. Keep the silencer on at night when you may need it for quick and quiet protection against night-time predators.

Laws and Regulations

Many gun owners are surprised to find out that owning a silencer is completely legal in most states in the U.S., and all suppressors are regulated for safe usage. 

It is currently legal in 42 states to own a silencer, and you can hunt with a suppressor in 40 states. You should look into which states are legal and try to move to an option that is closest to you if you are in a state that does not allow suppressors. 

The only states that do not currently allow individual ownership of a suppressor are California, Delaware, District of Columbia, Hawaii, Illinois, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, and Rhode Island.

Here is a list of some other requirements you will want to consider before applying to buy a multi-caliber gun silencer:

  • Be a resident of the United States
  • Legally eligible of owning firearms
  • Clear a BATFE background check
  • Be at least 18 years old (if buying from civilian)
  • Be at least 21 years old (to buy from a dealer)

Having protection for longevity in your hearing capabilities and discreet hunting or self-defense practices will be useful to any competent gun owner. 

Mastering the ATF Process

When you decide you want to buy and register a suppressor, you will have to go through a few hoops for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF).

This may include documenting your fingerprints, seeking approval from local law enforcement, paying a standard fee, and waiting for your registration to take place before actually purchasing a silencer for your weapon. 

When the market is not too crowded, you may expect to wait anywhere from 2 to 4 months, but if it is a busy season for registration, you may have to wait upwards of 6 months to a year. 

It is best to be patient and to not get overwhelmed by the longevity of the process, because owning a suppressor and protecting yourself from harm can be a priceless endeavor. 

How Does a Suppressor Work?

Think of a suppressor as a cork on a champagne bottle. When the pressure builds up in a champagne bottle, it pops and there are a ton of champagne bubbles flying through the air around the bottle opening.

A bullet is propelled by gunpowder that explodes and forces the small metal piece down the chamber of the gun. Imagine that the gunpowder firing is the bubbles of champagne.

Now imagine that champagne bottle being lengthened significantly, but no more champagne put into it. When the cork pops out of the long neck chamber, fewer champagne bubbles will burst out. 

This is essentially what a suppressor does to a weapon; a suppressor brings the noise down on an anatomical level, for it reduces the psi (pounds per square inch) from 3,000 to a mere 60 on most weapons and capacities. Giving the bullet and gun powder more room to expand and release the energy in a controlled environment can suppress an average of 30 decibels. 

Buying a silencer if you are a hunter is a no-brainer, and it can also be useful for self-defense purposes if the need were ever to arrive at your front door. 

Types of Suppressors

When you are looking into buying a suppressor for your weapon, buying a suppressor that is right for your individual needs and unique purposes is a must. There are as many different types of suppressors as there are suppressors, as each suppressor will have its own specs and specific advantages that will help it to stand out from the other choices. 

There are several different layouts and functions for silencers, and here are the most common types:

Rimfire Suppressors

If you are looking for a silencer that knocks the sound down to a faint whisper, you may want to consider a rimfire suppressor. 

Rimfire silencers are great for smaller arms such as pistols and small rifle cartridges. They are extremely lightweight compared to other models and can be cleaned easily.

It has a thread pattern of 1/2 x 28 and can attach to the barrel directly in most cases. 

Pistol Suppressors

Having a suppressor for a pistol is a smart move for gun safety and self-protection. Pistol silencers greatly reduce the amount of recoil experienced when firing a semi automatic handgun. 

Most suppressors have a spring functionality to help the cycle of action. When considering mounting a pistol suppressor on a rifle, you may need a booster or a fixed barrel mount. 

Rifle Suppressors 

Rifle suppressors have to be specifically engineered to be capable of withstanding the pressure and heat that is relinquished when firing a rifle. 

Most rifle silencers will be sealed, which means that it will be increasingly difficult to clean them, and it may affect the longevity of the suppressor. 

This is a problem that you may not have to worry about though because the high pressure will often clean out the carbon buildup that may lead to corrosion. 

Shotgun Suppressors

Wanting to own a suppressed shotgun is surprisingly less common, but that may be because it took us a while to figure out how to produce the impossible: a shotgun that is capable of reducing the sound of gunfire without losing too much of the capabilities and specs of the original shotgun. 

There are not as many options out there for shotgun silencers as it is a smaller market, but it may be useful for certain types of hunting and frequent use. 

Multi-Caliber Suppressors

Most people buy multi-caliber suppressors as it can attach to many makes and models of particular guns.

A multi-caliber silencer is a gift that keeps giving as it is transferrable and can be used for a very long time if properly maintained. 

Most multi-caliber gun suppressors are stitched together with features from the rimfire, pistol, and rifle suppressors, and come with more unique specs and capabilities. Most of the suppressor options you will see are multi-caliber options and are a standard choice for gun-owners alike. 

The Top-of-the-Line Best Suppressors on the Market

Now it is time for us to get down to what you have been waiting to see, a list of the top five silencers that money can buy. There are many benefits to buying in our current market, and it may be time to take the plunge. 

You can be sure that these picks all have unique qualities and specializations that may benefit some of your specific needs. Some suppressors are more expensive than others, and the price usually reflects the quality.

When you buy a silencer, you can be sure that your ears will be protected and better equipped in your old age, and that it will serve you for discreet self-protection and hunting practices. 

Whatever suppressor you decide upon, it will lower the decibel rate when firing a weapon, and it will inevitably benefit your health in the long term. 

SilencerCo Sparrow 22

The SilencerCo Sparrow 22 offers stability and durability for an everlasting performance because it is constructed of stainless steel. The Sparrow 22 has been specifically designed and engineered for a long performance life with a durable build and design.

This discreet model is surprisingly convenient in terms of size. The Sparrow 22 is also compact at a manageable five inches long, and it is capable of handling some heavy duty. 

The Sparrow 22 can handle a variety of multi-caliber gun options including the .22 Mag and .17 HMR. This silencer is easy to disassemble and is incredibly easy to keep clean and well-maintained. This is a must for most gun owners, as a clean weapon accessory is a long-lasting weapon accessory.

This is a quiet and simple design that is capable of heavy-duty, and you don’t want to miss out on this one for the low-price range and high value. 


  • Full-auto rated
  • Sound reduction up to 41 dB
  • 6.5 ounces
  • 5 inches long
  • Stainless steel build material
  • Black oxide and magnesium phosphate finish
  • Incredibly easy to disassemble/clean

When you order the Sparrow 22, you will also be equipped with a user guide, a 1/2×28 Rapid Attach adapter, and a closeable black utility pouch for storage. 

With its specs and capabilities, many people use the Sparrow 22 for rimfire suppression, but this is a multi-caliber silencer through and through and will be able to cover most of your suppressor needs. 

SilencerCo’s Warlock 22

If you are looking for a model with a great ratio of size and strength, look no further than the Warlock™ 22. SilencerCo is a leading producer of high-quality silencer models that are available to gun-owners. 

This suppressor is one of the lightest silencers on the market currently and has many features and designs that render it an important option to look at. 

One of the most astounding features of the Warlock 22 is the CTA™ (Click Together Assembly). This will ensure a suppressor that is easy to clean and will stand the test of time, and ensure a healthy performance for even your longest range days. 

The outstanding aluminum design will be sure to hold up against long-term use, and it is more lightweight than other stainless steel or bronze options. 


  • A caliber capacity of 22LR
  • 6 inches long
  • ​ 3.0 oz
  • ​1-inch diameter
  • Made of Aluminum

You’ll be sure to get the most bang out of your buck with this multi-caliber silencer, for it will last longer than other models and is quieter than many similar options at the mid-price range. 

SilencerCo Salvo 12 

​If you are looking for a shotgun silencer that has a superior design for a modern sporting carbine or a high-powered hunting shotgun, then look no further than the Salvo 12. 

If you are buying a suppressor for the first time, this may not be your number one choice because shotgun suppressors are a pretty niche market, but thanks to American hunters alike, we have developed a suppressor for a shotgun.

It was not very long ago that the idea for a shotgun suppressor was inconceivable, but because of recent inventions, you can use a shotgun suppressor for clay shooting, waterfowl, turkey hunting, squirrel hunting, and self-defense. 

This material is sturdy and heavy-duty, as it is a staggering 12 inches long. The silencer is modular as well, and you can adjust the length for different host weapons. 


  • 12GA Compatibility
  • Modular length capable of 6.0″ – 12.0″
  • ​34.5 oz
  • ​Diameter of 2.21″ X 2.96″
  • Made from Aluminum & Stainless-Steel materials

While no silencer will be able to completely muffle the sound, this shotgun suppressor will be capable of reducing more than 60 percent of the sound created by the original blast. 

It is also easily serviceable and cleanable which will be useful in the long-term care of the equipment. 

Bushwhacker 46 – Universal Sound Suppressor

If you are looking for a top of the line, premium quality silencer that is capable of performing the highest quality of performance on the market, the Bushwhacker 46 is definitely an option you don’t want to miss out on. 

The Bushwhacker 46 is more compact, durable, and adaptable than other similarly priced market options. This suppressor will be sure to stand the test of time with a long high-performance quality that you can’t find anywhere else. 

The Bushwhacker 46 is lightweight, easy to clean and maintain, and is one of the most flexible options out there with impressive specializations and features to adapt to your gun of choice. 


  • Specially engineered systems for user serviceability and end cap diameter optimization 
  • Reduced back-pressure and increased performance. 
  • Threaded rear of 1.375×24 for advanced accessibility. 
  • Compatible with rifle calibers from .22 up to 45-70 Govt.
  • Compatible with Pistol calibers up to .45 ACP

When buying a high-end product like this, you can be sure of long-lasting performance that will be tailored to your preferred gun. ​

The Bushwhacker 46 will reduce the number of decibels that the blast on your gun produces greatly, and with a far better-optimized system than other multi-caliber options. 


Now that you are educated on the eligibility of owning a gun silencer in your state and the requirements to purchase one, you are ready to buy a high-quality suppressor that fits your preferences specialization requirements. 

With this unique buyer’s guide, you are equipped with every piece of knowledge you need to make an informed decision and buy the right suppressor for your hunting and self-protection needs. 

Finally, we recommend that you establish a gun trust before you purchase a suppressor. We’ve covered why it’s a good idea to have a gun trust before, as well as how to establish one. They go a long way for peace of mind, as well as saving money down the road if you ever want to transfer your silencer into a trust in the future.

Now that you have done the research, treat yourself to a life-long pursuit of healthy shooting, and a long-term promise to protect your hearing. You can also rest at home easily knowing that if danger ever comes knocking, you will be effectively prepared for the threat.