The 6 Best 300 Blackout Suppressors

Many enthusiastic gun owners would not be surprised to find out that the repeated blast from a weapon can cause long-term hearing damage. If you have a 300 AAC Blackout weapon, this is where a 300 blackout suppressor comes into play. It reduces the amount of noise (dB) to a fraction of what it would … Read more

The Best AR15 Silencers on the Market

Whether you are a new gun-holder or a gun aficionado, it is time you learned that owning an AR15 silencer is accessible, and waiting times are at a steady pace.  Owning a suppressor will enhance the performance of your weapon in a variety of scenarios and situations.   If you are a proud owner of an … Read more

The Best 4 Shotgun Suppressors on the Market

The business of buying responsibly owned and legal shotgun suppressors and accessories has only been booming since the 1930s when it was first required to pay a lump sum of $200 to register for a gun accessory such as a suppressor.  The fee is now more accessible to gun-owners, thanks to inflation, and more people … Read more

The Top 5 Silencers - The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide for Gun Suppressors

Any gun specialist will know the benefits of having a silencer attachment for your most prized and frequently used guns, and it is about time you learned what you have been missing out on. If you do not have a suppressor for your guns, especially if you use them regularly, you may want to investigate … Read more

The Best 9mm Suppressors – The Sound of Silence

Suppressors are just cool. Face it. There is nothing like pulling up at your local range, sending a few rounds down range with a 9mm suppressor on your pistol or carbine, and watching everyone’s eyes trying to see what you are shooting. Sometimes it is fun to be the center of attention. But suppressors do … Read more

The 7 Best Multi Caliber Suppressors

Are you a gun owner who wants to suppress more than one type of weapon? If so, figuring out the best multi caliber suppressor will be an ideal thing for you to do! If you have a growing collection of guns, you may want to invest in a multi caliber suppressor, but which ones are … Read more

How to Obtain a Hybrid Suppressor

Are you considering investing in a hybrid suppressor? You should first get caught up on ATF Rule 41F, as you’ll need to know what to expect when you submit your application for your National Firearms Act (NFA) item; in this case, a hybrid suppressor. Any time you wish to legally transfer a hybrid suppressor to … Read more

The Po’ Boy Suppressor – 3 Reasons No Bang for Less Buck is Awesome

First off, I have to admit I was highly skeptical about the Po’ Boy Suppressor, since it costs less than the NFA Tax Stamp it requires. I know from experience how much it costs to build a decent suppressor. There is one suppressor in my safe that I built on a Form 1 from scratch … Read more

Surefire Suppressors – 6 Critical Things to Evaluate

Face it. Suppressors are just cool. Nothing is better than being on the range and getting everyone’s attention because your rifle or pistol doesn’t make much noise. With the rise in popularity of suppressors, there has also been a rise in the number of suppressor manufacturers. No longer just the purview of military and law … Read more

In Search of Silence – The 9 Best Suppressors For Your Firearms

Suppressors are hot items in the firearms market. Everyone seems to be on the bandwagon to go quiet. The same holds for the suppressor manufacturers. With all the models, styles, and calibers, how do you figure out which one is the best suppressor? Maybe we can help. Choosing the best suppressor is not something to … Read more